Sabtu, 07 Agustus 2010

change the background google tips

Bing featuring something different views than any other search engine providers. Other times very thrifty appearance, and the use of negative space as much as possible, even Bing jor-fishing rod with a background image display as the larger size.
Now, Google also began gradually to allow users to customize the look back. Although it was not able to use almost all users, use this option could obviously make use of easy to distinguish. This is the same as when Yahoo! Add an avatar on the page to log in to make sure users get the correct page, not a hoax.
Whether because of ethical considerations, or other businesses, Google with a new look can make at home. Users can install on your own personal poto, or background of the computer. There are three methods on how to change them:

1. By uploading their own poto available on your computer.
2. Pick from one's own Picasa Photo Album
3. From Public Picasa Photo Album.

Button to replace them available at the bottom left of Google search pages. incredibly, Google ensures the addition of the image will not affect the speed of loading pages.
good luck ^^

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